Historical Automotive Restoration


One of the most meticulous and time-consuming aspects of automotive restorations is the cleaning of surface materials. Ensuring that the vehicle gets cleaned and that none of the materials are damaged is vital. Dry ice provides those with the ability to preserve these materials and clean the restoration in a timely and effective manner, without having to worry about harmful chemicals, residue, or damage to materials.

When dealing with historical restoration, a certain level of care and gentleness is required to preserve the materials. The dry ice blasting machine rapidly propels the solidified carbon dioxide pellet toward a surface. Upon impact, the stored energy potential within pellet creates a micro explosion expanding 700 times its size as it transitions from the solid to gaseous state and cleaning the surface with little to no damage. This non-abrasive method is a much better alternative to the traditional ways that may cause damages to delicate surfaces.

This exceptional cleaning method leaves behind no residue and due to its lack of harmful chemicals makes for a much more environmentally friendly cleaning process. Through the transfer of kinetic energy from the carbon dioxide pellets to the surface, materials such as surface rust, road grime, and some paints can be removed without damaging the underlying materials making this an optimal cleaning method for restorations.

Commando 55 Machines


Restoration is an incredibly time-consuming task, but what if there was a way to eliminate the hours of elbow grease and potential damages to the parts and body? Using the traditional cleaning and stripping methods it takes hundreds of hours to restore a vehicle. With dry ice blasting you can accomplish this in a fraction of the time, eliminating the meticulous task of sanding down old paint and rust.


Gentle and Effective Cleaning

The utilization of dry ice allows for a powerful and gentle method of cleaning. This method uses the dry ice pellets to remove contaminants such as grime, grease, and dirt from surfaces. Dry ice, unlike the traditional chemical or sandblast cleaning methods, accomplishes a deeper clean while not damaging the underlying material from being damaged and making a bigger mess from the media used. This makes dry ice the perfect solution when looking to preserve essential materials during the restoration process. Because of the delicacy in which dry ice cleans, this can also be used on delicate parts such as paint or chrome plating, to give the life back while ensuring the safety of the materials.


Environmentally Friendly

Dry ice is an environmentally friendly cleaning solution that does not resort to any harmful chemicals or create any secondary waste. Sandblasting and chemical cleaning creates a harmful waste that needs to be disposed of, where dry ice removes that waste without using hurtful chemicals. Dry ice is an ideal choice for those looking to lessen their environmental impact during their auto restoration.


Time and Cost Savings

There are many benefits to dry ice as it is an extremely efficient method that saves you both time and money. Because there is no wet residue when using dry ice, surfaces can be cleaned without waiting for time to dry. Dry ice can also be used to clean numerous types of surfaces at one time, which in turn will save you an immense amount of time that can be used elsewhere.

Dry ice blasting is the responsible, efficient and effective way to clean.


With 10+ years of experience, which extends to our assembly facility as well, Nu-Ice provides dry ice blasting for unrivaled cleaning power without harmful chemicals. After extensive research, design and testing, we developed a line of high-performance dry ice blasting machines for an environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

The Commando® line of dry ice blasters is ideal for various applications, and dry ice is the preferred cleaning method for food processing equipment, chemical machinery, printing instruments, welding cells, fire restoration, historical restoration, power generation equipment and more. Using only standard dry ice pellets, Commando® dry ice blasting machines easily remove production residue, grease, oils, tar, mold and other materials.

As a family and veteran-owned company based in Jackson, Michigan, we’re proud to say all of our dry ice blasting machines and accessories are proudly Made in the USA.